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Stephen M. Howell, M.D. Specializing in Kinematically Aligned Total Knee Replacement & Anatomic ACL Reconstruction

This website is dedicated to educating patients, orthopedic surgeons, and allied health professionals with our management of patients considering kinematic total knee replacement (TKR) and reconstruction of a torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL).

Dr. Howell is an innovator in the field of total knee replacement (TKR). His preferred surgical method for TKR is  ‘kinematic alignment’, a technique he developed in 2005, which creates more consistency and reliability in patient outcomes. An independent study published in 2014 confirms that kinematically aligned TKR provides better pain relief, better function, and better flexion than conventional or mechanically-aligned TKR. NBC News reported that ProPublica showed that Dr Howell’s readmission/complication rate after total knee replacement is among the lowest in the nation and northern California.

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Surgical Techniques


Dr. Howell performs a kinematically aligned TKR at the 2015 ISAKOS meeting in Lyon France. He shares the quality assurance checks for aligning the components and for restoring the native balance of the knee.  The session is moderated by Dr Peter T. Myers a renowned knee surgeon from Australia.

Journal Articles


Numerous Journal Articles have been written by Dr. Howell. to educate both patients and surgeons. Read his educational articles about knee replacement and ACL reconstruction today!



Dr. Howell continues to spread his knowledge about knee replacement and ACL reconstruction surgery through numerous educational presentations.

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